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Jay is a professionaly trained retired chef from Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada.   He traces his origins to a small village called Chikli, Gujarat in India.  At a young age, Jay would spend hours watching his parents cook up the most mouth watering dishes.  Soon after migrating to Africa, his curiosity for the culinary arts took over.  Unfortunately, in the wake up Idi Amin's vicious reign, Jay's family was forced to leave Uganda and he migrated to the US.  It was here his professional journey as a chef continued.  Training was arduous.Amidst his training, and working his way up to becoming a head chef he realized that the one true lacking ingredient to the culinary arts was an All-In-One Spice that had a fusion between Western and Eastern spices. A spice that showcased flavours from where he grew up. An all-in-one spice that could be used to season the best cuts of meats, poultry, and vegetables. Introducing Jay's All-In-One Spice, it's what your food craves.

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We are a small family run Canadian business looking to provide the chefs at home an All-In-One Spice that is versatile, flavourful and  will have your guests asking for seconds!!!

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Jay's All-In-One Spice

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